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"Businesses succeed or fail on their ability to define, track and act upon Key Performance Indicators."



Neometrics uses proven Six Sigma with Lean methodologies to help it's clients better understand and improve their processes.  In so doing Neometrics unearth the vital measurements that lead to a better understanding of how to improve output and increase delivery, efficiency and returns.


As the fall out from the world wide banking crisis hits businesses, government and other authorities alike, the need for an effective and proven method of process improvement has never been stronger. Faced with swingeing budget cuts, managers and directors of these institutions are looking for help in balancing the reduction in funding with the need to sustain service levels. Although not a universal panacea, we at Neometrics believe that investment in a Six Sigma improvement program will greatly increase their chances of making the right decisions enabling key process changes that will result in significant savings.

What makes us different

Either working alone or with selected consultancy partners, we believe that we can work in any organisation to bring process improvement and enhanced performance. Our objective is to supply Business Intelligent data  designed to align operational output information with corporate objectives, be they financial, efficiency related or improved customer relationships.


Put simply, we can improve how you go about your business to increase your returns - however you define them

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